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Super Safari

Super Safari 3 Pupil’s Book + DVD-ROM

1 550 р.
Товар: в наличии

The Super Safari British English Pupil's Book features nine units, plus an introductory unit, full of exciting stories, action songs, total physical response activities, arts and crafts, and plenty of playtime.

  • Plenty of opportunities for children to play while learning new language and practising their skills from the very start.
  • Gentle introduction to other subjects, social values and writing in phonics lessons provide children with necessary skills in preparation for school.
  • Family Fun activities involve parents and caregivers in children's early learning with songs and enriching activities.

Pupil's Book DVD-ROM

The fabulous DVD-ROM in the back of the Super Safari Pupil's Book includes animated songs and interactive games - perfect for involving the family in the fun of learning.



  Key Features

  • Action songs, creative arts and crafts, and TPR activities, which children can also enjoy with their parents at home, make learning fun and develop children's motor-sensory skills.
  • 'Think' pages develop children’s thinking skills, memory, concentration and creativity
  • 'Values' pages with lovable characters and colourful stories introduce children to new language as well as social values such as sharing, playing together and helping others
  • Phonics sections give children the building blocks for fluent reading and spelling skills
  • Engaging cross-curricular pages help young learners discover the fascinating world around them
  • Interactive whiteboard software, Presentation Plus, combines the interactive whiteboard tools with interactive Pupil's Book, Activity Book, all teacher's resources and the course multimedia in one easy-to-use platform .

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